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In 2015 residents of Rowlett voted to authorize the issuance of general obligation 
bonds in the amounts of $25.8 million for bond propositions to fund capital projects. This was accomplished without incurring an increase to the City’s property tax rate. These projects have all been completed. 

PROPOSITION 1: Streets $18,932,340 


COMPLETE! Phase 1 Lake Country Estates Street Reconstruction - $3,650,000  


COMPLETE! Advanced Traffic Management System - $800,000 

The installation of equipment, monitoring systems and upgrades for the traffic management 

systems throughout the City by means of an automated control center. 


COMPLETE! Right Turn Lane at Main Street and the President George Bush Turnpike - $260,000 


COMPLETE! Phase 1 Dalrock Estates Street Reconstruction - $3,400,000 


COMPLETE! Alley Reconstruction Program - $2,000,000 

Rebuilding alleys and drainage systems identified in the Top 50 Restoration Plan. 


COMPLETE! Phase 1 Highland Meadows Street Reconstruction - $3,030,000 


COMPLETE! Primrose Lane Street Reconstruction - $1,550,000 


COMPLETE! Main Street Reconstruction - $1,870,000 

Rebuilding the street, sidewalks, curbs, drainage systems, landscaping and lighting on Main Street to extend the downtown “theme” from the Roundabout to the President George Bush Turnpike. 


COMPLETE! - Sidewalk Connections - $280,000 

Identifying, planning and constructing priority areas around schools, parks and neighborhoods, 

and completing connections to existing sidewalks. 


COMPLETE! Phase 2 Merritt Road Interconnector - $1,500,000 

Design the Merritt Road extension connecting to Liberty Grove Road. 


COMPLETE! Chiesa Road and Liberty Grove Road Intersection Traffic Signal - $225,000 


PROPOSITION 2: Parks $4,206,110 


COMPLETE! Wet Zone Waterpark Improvements - $660,000. 

COMPLETE! Hike & Bike Trails Plan - $300,000 
COMPLETE! New Kids Kingdom Playground - $557,500 


COMPLETE! Rowlett Community Centre Renovation - $350,000 

COMPLETE! Lakeside Park Improvements - $185,000 

COMPLETE! Springfield Park Improvements - $600,000 

COMPLETE! Community Park Improvements - $665,000 

COMPLETE! Paddle Point Park Improvements - $165,000 

COMPLETE! Nature Trail Improvements - $94,000 

COMPLETE! Veterans Park Improvements - $33,000 

COMPLETE! Pecan Grove Park Improvements - $75,000 

COMPLETE! Shorewood Park Improvements - $30,000 

COMPLETE! Phase 2 Katy Railroad Park Construction - $310,000 

COMPLETE! Katy Railroad Park Soccer Improvements - $100,000 


PROPOSITION 3: Public Safety $2,631,050 


COMPLETE! - Public Safety Department Training Center and Close Fiber Ring - $2,250,000 
Hands-on training is one of the most important functions that public safety personnel need to 
become proficient at their job, which is to protect the community’s citizens and property. This facility for the Police, Fire Rescue and Public Works departments, located on Schrade Road just west of Dalrock, includes a training tower, confined-space, and trench rescue training. This proposition also included the design for Fire Station 2, also located on this site. 


COMPLETE! - Fiber Optic Communication Lines - $330,000 
Provides reliable and consistent communications and data transfer to public safety City-wide, 
linking Fire Rescue, Police, the Emergency Operations Center and City Hall. 

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