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In 2018, residents of Rowlett voted to authorize the issuance of general obligation 
bonds in the amounts of $59.9 million for bond propositions to fund capital projects. This was accomplished without incurring an increase to the City’s property tax rate. These projects are all complete or well underway. 

PROPOSITION A: Streets & Alleys $41,470,000 

COMPLETE! Phase 2 Dalrock Estates Street Reconstruction - $3,400,000 


COMPLETE! Phase 2 Highland Meadows Street Reconstruction - $2,200,000 


COMPLETE! Phase 2 Lake Country Estates - $2,800,000 


Turn Lanes at Strategic Locations Along Arterial Streets - $3,500,000 - Status


Alley Reconstruction Program - $7,000,000 

Expected completion July 2023. Status 


Miller Road - $6,000,000 

Reconstruct Miller Road east of the railroad tracks to Dalrock Road from two-lane asphalt to 

a four-lane divided concrete roadway. Overall Status 

Bi-weekly Status Update


COMPLETE! Phase 1 Lakeland Heights Street Reconstruction- $3,480,000 

Chiesa Road Reconstruction - $12,500,000 

Reconstruct Chiesa Road from Dalrock Road to Miller Road from two-lane asphalt to a 

four-lane divided and undivided concrete roadway. Status 


PROPOSITION B: Parks $8,955000


COMPLETE! Phase 1 Herfurth Park - $1,800,000 

Design park Master Plan and begin Phase 1 construction.  


COMPLETE! Wet Zone Waterpark Phase 2 Renovations - $700,000 


Lakefront at Pecan Grove (on Main Street) - $400,000 

Improve parking lot and add lakefront park amenities. Status 


COMPLETE! Kenwood Heights Park Improvements - $250,000 


COMPLETE! Twinstar Park Improvements - $250,000 


Trail Construction - $2,475,000 

Lake Highlands Trail – COMPLETE! 

Garner/Fuqua Trail – In design 

Status of remaining project

COMPLETE! Waterview Golf Course Renovations - $1,100,000 


COMPLETE! Mobile Stage - $300,000 


COMPLETE! Community Park Improvements - $600,000 


COMPLETE! Shorewood Park Improvements - $200,000 

Install restrooms, restore and improve baseball field. 


Sports Field Construction - $500,000 

Hockey rink relocation from Herfurth Park to Katy Park under discussion for installation in Fiscal Year 2024. 


COMPLETE! - Environmental Learning Center Design & Funding Match - $250,000 


PROPOSITION C: Public Safety & Facilities $9,485,000


COMPLETE! - Design and Construct Fire Station 2 - $9,050,000 


COMPLETE! - Future Municipal Complex Needs Assessment - $300,000 

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